Cometa C/2020 F3 Neowise dal passo Giau (A. Masi).

Via Lattea dal lago di Limedes (G. Hofer).

Super Luna di aprile 2020 (G. Menardi).

Nebulosa della Carena (A. Dimai).

Star trail sulla Tofana di Rozes (G. Menardi).

Orione sorge dai Cadini di Misurina (A. Masi).

Star trail (G. Hofer).

Grande Nube di Magellano (A. Dimai).

Cometa C/2020 F3 Neowise sopra i Brentoni (G. Hofer).

Nebulosa di Orione ripresa dal Col Drusciè (A. Masi).

Arco galattico sulle Dolomiti (G. Menardi).

The Cortina Astronomical Association was born in 1972 from the enthusiasm of about twenty founding members, with the aim of building an astronomical observatory that would make it possible to take advantage of the transparency and purity of the air, which makes Cortina one of the privileged destinations of the world tourism.

The Cortina Astronomical Association manages the Col Drusciè astronomical Observatory, located at the top of the homonymous hill at the foot of the Tofane massif, which is equipped with a modern 40 cm diameter Ritchey Chretien telescope and the A. Dimai planetarium, adjacent at the ice stadium in Cortina. The observatory and the planetarium are visited annually by hundreds of enthusiasts, students, and tourists, who can admire the wonders that the night sky offers from a very privileged position.

The members of the Association, thanks also to the possibilities offered by new technologies, have discovered 40 supernovae and an asteroid, called "Cortina d'Ampezzo".



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