The Astronomical Observatory of Col Drusciè is located on the slopes of Tofane mountains at 1780 m above sea level.

Inside the two domes there are a Ritchey-Chretien telescope 16" f/8 for visual observation of deep-sky and planets, and a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope Celestron 11". The RC 16" telescope is equipped with an astrograph "Fast" 8" f/3 for the wide-field observation of comets and a refractor apo 5" with a Coronado filter for viewing the Sun in H-alpha also.

The innovative control system COMETA (Col drusciè Observatory Management for Easy Telescope Astronomy) which allows easy telescope use for beginners also, has been engineered by Sergio Pascolini.

Members of the Cortina Astronomical Association are mainly involved in observations of galaxies to search for supernovae. In the framework of the CROSS (Col drusciè Remote Observatory Supernovae Search) program 41 supernovae and an asteroid, called "Cortina", have been discovered.

The Observatory of Col Druscie is visited every year by hundreds of fans, students and curious, which can admire the wonders of the sky from a very privileged position, with a very clear sky and very low light pollution. In order to visit the Col Drusciè Astronomical Observatory to observe the night sky (Moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.) at the telescope, look at the "How to visit" section of this website.  Reservation required.



The astronomical observatory of Col Drusciè is equipped with a coronado solar telescope, that allows the public to observe the Sun safely and appreciate the photosphere phenomena: granulation, spots and protuberances.

The opening days (in the morning) for Sun observation are available in the "How to visit" section of this website.

No reservation needed. Ticket 5 euro per person.

In summer mornings the Col Drusciè astronomical observatory can be reached on foot with a 20-minute walk from Piè Tofana or with the Tofana - Freccia nel Cielo cable car from the center of Cortina. In winter mornings the observatory can be reached with the cable car only.